Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Our Complete Family

In March we had family pictures taken with Trent's family, we just got them back last week. Yeah took a long time huh.
I was really sad at the time. Harrison's due date was coming up and I was just having a really hard time with it. I was especially sad that all his siblings were going to be taking pictures with all their children and one of mine was missing. I was also sad because most people do not know that I have three children, they just see what they see. So I had the picture of Harrison's feet blown up and framed so that we could have at least one Complete family photo. This picture makes me cry but in a good way. It makes me happy. I know someday there will be more children added but for now, this is my whole family.
I think it turned out great, however I wish I wasn't wearing those darn glasses.


  1. Oh my dear friend the pictures turned out just lovely. You have a such a beautiful family!


  2. What a gorgeous photo! I love the idea of Harrison's precious feet in your family....

  3. What a great picture!!! I totally know what you mean about no one knowing you have 3 kids. I sometimes want to wear a sign saying, "I have a child!". I loved your post about maybe being pregnant. I am in the same boat! I want a baby! But I am so nervous. So we will see what happens in the next few months!!

  4. Beautiful family picture of your whole family! You look great in glasses too. Plus, our family is over due for pictures and I'm not sure what I'm going to do for Keith. I love your idea. Are you going to the Walk to Remember with Share in October? Hope to see to see you there.