Saturday, September 26, 2009


Every time I visited the Dr when I was pregnant he would say a word, a diagnosis that explained my condition, it started with a C but I could never remember it when I got home or when I tried to explain to others what I had. So the other day out of curiosity and because I want to get pregnant again I decided to search the Internet for some more explanations about a blood clot in or near the uterus during pregnancy and I found the word, Subchorionic Hematoma, my Dr always called it a Chorion. When reading about it, it hit me hard how scary my situation with Harrison really was. I wanted to put a bit of information on here about what it was and how really if you are diagnosed with one during your pregnancy the chances are 1-3% that it will end like mine did.

The US above was of my little Harrison at 11 wks and 3 days. I have tons of US pictures in my almost 21 weeks of him in my womb. I went every other week sometimes every week to see the progress of the clots. As you can see, Harrison is in the middle and at the top are two large black masses almost looking like 2 sacs. That was my chorion and each time it was bigger, you can see in this US it was bigger than he was.

Years ago, when a woman presented with early trimester bleeding, doctors assumed it was an impending miscarriage. They had no other information to go on, but now with new technology and US's they have a better idea as to what is going on. That's what I thought was happening. I was over 9 weeks and bleeding heavily, heavily. I was horrified. So when I went in and they found a heartbeat and that everything was fine I was shocked.

A Subchorionic Hematoma is a gathering of blood between the membranes of the placenta and the uterus. A more technical name is the chorion. Some doctors will also just refer to it as a blood clot.

Causes of Subchorionic Hematoma

There is no known cause for a SCH but many researchers speculate that during egg implantation, the egg slightly separates or tears from the uterus causing a bleed. There is nothing a woman did or could have done to cause or prevent them. SCH occurs to pregnant women of all ages and races.

Of course I go over and over again in my head all I did around the time I got pregnant. I know I didn't do anything but its hard not to blame yourself or wonder what you could've done different. I went to Lagoon, a big amusement, roller coaster park we figure when I was about 5 weeks pregnant. I didn't know I was pregnant but of course now that I look back on it I did ride almost all the scary rides, you know the ones that say, don't ride if pregnant. My Dr assured me that did not cause this, but of course I can't help but blame myself.

Diagnosing Subchorionic Hematoma

Diagnosing a SCH is based on its symptoms and visualization via ultrasound scan. Many women visit the doctor or emergency department with the chief complaint of vaginal bleeding during early pregnancy. An ultrasound, either transvaginal or abdominal, would more than likely be carried out. During the ultrasound scan, the doctor or radiologist will locate the fetus and assess it’s current condition. Identifying a SCH by an untrained eye is difficult. The clot appears as a black mass within the uterus. It almost appears as if another placenta is present. Ordinary ultrasound images appear blackish with visuals of bone. After a visual of the blood clot is made, and it appears a woman is not having a miscarriage, the diagnosis of SCH is made.

Having a diagnosis of SCH instead of a miscarriage is probably a relief but having SCH comes with it’s own concerns.

I remember feeling relief when the Dr told me I had a Chorin. I was so glad that I wasn't miscarrying. I was told that in most cases the clot will go away on its own and I should be fine. But to take it easy.

Treatment of Subchorionic Hematoma

There is no formal treatment for this blood clot but each doctor is different. Some suggest that you can continue with your everyday activities while others may suggest taking it easy. Some physicians even suggest refraining from sexual intercourse throughout pregnancy and bed rest. Surgery is not an option. Straining and heavy lifting should be avoided- as such for a normal pregnancy.

Some doctors prefer a ‘wait and see’ approach while others choose to use medications. Blood thinners such as: aspirin, Lovenox (inj), Coumadin and Heparin (inj) are used in attempts to ‘bleed’ the clot out. Estrogen and Progesterone therapy is also sometimes used to aid in the development of the pregnancy.

I was never put on blood thinners and I doubt they would've down anything because every time I bleed really bad and passed clots I would go to the Dr and be so excited to hopefully see on the US that the clot was gone, but every time the Dr did it, he would say, it was bigger. I was on major restrictions from day one and eventually put on bedrest.

The current statistics for pregnancy loss with a SCH is 1-3%. This low percentage is related to large clots. Most pregnancies progress with no further complications. Most clots resolve on their own by 20 weeks of pregnancy. The clot either bleeds itself out or the body absorbs it. Isn't that sad, most resolve by 20 weeks, i had Harrison at 20 weeks 4 days.

Because by the time I got into my 3rd trimester my clot was not gone but bigger, I was placed on bedrest and told to take it easy. I was told that they were going to try and get me to 24 weeks for the chance of my babies survival to double. I was told I was at high risk for pre-term labor and I would most likely not make it to 30 weeks.

Women with SCH are at greater risk for placental abruption or abruptio placenta. Placental abruption is when the placenta tears away from the uterus. This is an extreme pregnancy complication that requires immediate medical attention. If the placenta separates from the uterine wall, the health of the fetus is in danger.

Due to the Chorion I was hospitalized due to blood loss and to keep a close eye on me and Harrison. I was told I would be there till I delivered and that they were going to do all they could to get me to 24 weeks. Well 3 days in the hospital and on full bedrest, I had not bleed the whole time I was there, then one day I had a subchorionic Hemorrhage that led to pre-term labor and a placental abruption, the clot got too big and made it almost impossible for the placenta to hold it and the baby. There was no way of ever knowing it would end the way it did. I always had total faith in my Dr and had my hopes up the whole time, I never thought in a million trillion years it would end the way it did. Even when I look back on it, there was never a day, even when I was hospitalized that I would lose Harrison or even come close loosing my life. When I lost Harrison my Dr had never had a SCH case end like mine. Even most of the nurses in my labor and delivery area that were taking care of me never thought it would end like it did, we were all shocked to say the least. There really was no way of knowing and now when reading up on this I realize he was right. That is why if I do get pregnant again the chances of that happening again are well, 0-none. I was the 1%.

SCH is a risk early in pregnancy because the clot itself can cause a miscarriage. The clot can release completely from the uterus and cause the fetus and placenta to miscarry. This was a worry at first but because the baby was always bigger than normal and had a heart beat they were pretty sure I wouldn't miscarry.

Women with SCH may experience intermittent periods of vaginal bleeding throughout their pregnancy. This experience would more than likely be a result of the clot ‘bleeding out.’ Blood is an irritant to the uterus and cramping may be accompanied with the bleeding. While seeing blood while pregnant can be very scary-it is very common with SCH.

I know this is a sad thing to write about but seeing as its almost Harry's 11 month I have been thinking a lot about him and about a new baby and what my future will hold. I have been terrified to get pregnant again and I know when I do it will be scary I am sure of that especially if I see one drop of blood but researching this has given me some hope, some insight into how rare my situation really was and I am hopeful. I cry as I write this that it really was so rare and why did it have to happen to me but I know it was for a reason. I love my baby and miss him. I opened his box today to get out the US pictures and just bawled seeing him and those clots inside. It was so sad that it happened. I have no pregnancy pictures of him in me other than the US and they are so precious to me.


  1. I am so sorry my dear friend. I wish I could give your precious Harry back to you and your family and ease all of this pain.


  2. I'm so sorry that happened to you. I had a different problem in my pregnany, but I can totally relate to many of the feelings you had, i ncluding feeling sad knowing that losing a baby in your situation and in mine the chances are really low. Sometimes that just makes it worse knowing we were the statistic. I hope you are doing good these days and I am excited that you are teying to get hat's exciting!!!

  3. Sorry, my computer is doing weird things. I meant that I am excited you are trying to get pregnant! that's exciting!!!!

  4. I remember it too well, and I love little Harry so much! I know this next time will go well, you deserve it!

  5. I completely understand being scared to be pregnant again--I'm feeling very much the same way these days, too. Sending you some virtual hugs. . .you can do this. :)

  6. I need to get on here more often, i'm sorry, that is just too sad, but seriously that is so comforting to know NOW that you will be ok for your other pregnancies. 1% is nuts, i guess like you say it was meant to be, even though it was horrible, i'm sure it has made you and trent and the kids better stronger people. we love you!

  7. my little charlie was stilborn in august. 24 weeks, told he died afta having scan. Its so beautiful that you got 2 hold him stil alive. My charlie had been dead for a week and i am only 18 so a litle messed up at the moment. Now pregnant again, 8 weeks 5 days, had first scan 2 weeks ago and therz a hematoma. Measured 1cm by 1cm then. I went bk 4 scan on tues, bby grown gud bt so has hematoma. So worried. I cry when i go for th scans i hate them. Your harry looked a lot beta color than charlie tho. He was truly gorgeous darlen x

  8. You are a special woman who has gone through amazing tests. You will triumph! I share a common bodn with you. My son was born premature at 30 weeks. We had the chance to love him, hold him and watch him progress. We were shattered when we lost after his short life of six months to the day after his birth. I feel so deeply for you and your family. I understand the pain you feel everyday. Our sons are in a better place. What could we possibly offer them that is better than heaven. My religion tells us that they will be the birds of paradise. This keeps me at ease. You and your family are in my prayers. I am currently 6 weeks pregnant and the doctor has picked up an SCH on U/S. I am very intimidated by this. I am fearful that i will loose the baby. I accept what ever happens is Gods will and that makes this easier to cope with. God has a plan for each and everyone of us. rely on God, no one is better than the creator. -xx-

  9. I am so sorry for your loss. I cannot help but to cry because I went through almost exactly what you went through. My son, Skylerr, was born May 23, 2010, exactly 20 weeks into my pregnancy. I went into premature labor due to an infection in the womb. Its curious that you should mention you had SCH, because early on in my pregnancy I bled and was diagnosed with having one. The doctors never did bring it back up to me, so I thought it was something that had passed. I wonder now if it was the cause of my premature labor. I miss my son every single day, and I cry for him on a daily basis. Even though he is not with me, every part of me says that he is, and that he knows me and his father and how much we miss him and love him. I truly believe that i will see my son again, and just like you said, for some unexplained reason, he had to come to earth to gain a body. He may not have been born into this world, but he was born into heaven. Skylerr never gave up, he fought until the very end, just like Harry. Our sons are soldiers who were destined to do something greater than what we can ever imagine, their in God's hands and I know Sky could not be in a better place than that.